Adaptability – Consistently Hitting Your Best

Putting is a very simple task in physical and biomechanical terms, but it could hardly be more complicated from a mental standpoint. Anyone can putt a golf ball, but the golfer who can consistently make the putt when the pressure is on is truly a master. In the real world, both mentally and physically, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic distractions can come out of nowhere and ruin your shot.

Increasing consistency on the golf course comes from increasing adaptability on the golf course. Creating an image that you are adaptable and can handle anything that comes your way is key to scoring and performance. Elite athletes practice under all conditions to build this image of being invincible. It is your ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together today the best way possible that allows you to succeed. When you start with the end in mind the path is easy to see. It lays itself out easily once you know where you are going.

Starting and finishing every routine, every shot, sounds simple; however, there are many distractions that can pull you out of being focused and attentive. If you track a clear start and finish and let the mind/body create the motion, you will be adaptable. Distractions are interesting as well. Laboratory testing with distractions has shown us that half of the golfers focus better and half of the golfers become distracted and perform poorly. You can become a golfer who performs better with distractions if you practice with distractions.

The THINQ Golf Adaptability game trains the crucial ability to maintain focus while performing under pressure. The Adaptability game presents a maze similar to a putting green through which the golfer, ignoring the multiple distractors along the way, must learn to make decisions and follow their path to finish the hole. This adaptability helps foster consistency and confidence in the golfer under a wide range of circumstances.


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