Attention – Details Matter

One variable over which the golfer has conscious control, both before and during the motion, is the amount and quality of attention paid. The golfer’s ability to select their focus and attention can either facilitate or inhibit the outcome of the putt.

The THINQ Golf Attention game incorporates all three aspects of attention (clarity of focus, sustained attention, and selective attention) and becomes increasingly more challenging with each hole. Mastering the skill of attention- and being able to turn it up and down on command- is critical for optimal performance on the course.

Clarity of focus

Can you see the putt in your mind’s eye? Can you feel the shot going into the hole? Clarity of focus means that you can clearly visualize all the components of the shot coming together in as much detail as possible.

Sustained attention

You need to do more than just focus clearly. That intense focus needs to be sustained for several seconds during the swing, and slightly before the swing even begins. This kind of vigilance ensures that nothing misses your sight.

Selective intensity

Imagine you’ve got your putt all lined up and are at the height of focus when suddenly an animal runs across the course. Selective intensity means that you can focus on the task at hand and not let a distraction cloud your mind with a torrent of irrelevant thoughts.

What Do You THINQ?

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