Get off the roller coaster of golf and life and consciously choose. Whether it is the outside world or the inside world that creates the story, it is important that we consciously write our own story. Consciously use emotions and emotionally use your consciousness. The system exists to send and receive emotionally encoded information. The brain isn’t in charge and there is no fixed hierarchy in the system. There exists a beautiful interaction of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Each system is in check with all the other systems in the mind/body, and we simply follow this story instead of what the outside world may be telling us (3 under, 3 over, etc.). Once the outside world starts running us we are in trouble. It is correct that we interact with the outside world, yet we maintain our perception of being in charge. Then we can perform in golf and life. Kids are a great example in life. It can often feel like they are in charge instead of us; however, it is a sensory decision that we keep in our being that makes life work. It is only in our mind that this perception must exist for the inside and outside world to follow. Our mind knows that we are in charge of our kids even if we allow it to seem like they are in charge. Once our mind has decided, everything will fall into place to create the intention we have chosen. What is important is what is in our mind!


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