The Unity Web-player will not load? I have downloaded it but it is not recognized.

If you are using Google Chrome there was a recent update that may be causing the Unity Web-player to not be recognized. While THINQ Golf is working on a solution the workaround is to play the THINQ Golf Games in a different browser such as Explorer or Firefox.

What does my THINQ Golf membership include?

Your THINQ Golf membership includes access to the suite of brain exercise video games, monthly educational webinars, ability to ask questions to the THINQ Golf Team, and access to THINQ Golf Performance Tools, such as My Journal, My Vision Board, My Q Stats, and the Video Vault.

How do I join the Q-Club?

THINQ Golf is a subscription-based website with monthly or annual dues. CLICK HERE to join.

What are the benefits of brain training with THINQ Golf?

Brain training with THINQ Golf not only exercises your mental muscles for sports performance in essential areas, but can be applicable to numerous parts of life. For optimal performance on the golf course, a healthy brain is essential and can be achieved through cognitive training. THINQ Golf games allow golfers to achieve a desired cognitive state more often. This state is often referred to as being “In The Zone.” The THINQ Golf Team found, through extensive research, that certain skills and are necessary for optimal performance on the golf course.

How much do I need to play?

It is recommended to play THINQ Golf Games for 60 minutes per week, divided up however you like. Of course there is no limit to how much you can “Game Your Brain.”

How does the scoring work?

THINQ Golf games use a Q-Score as the primary scoring system. You will receive a Q-Score of 0-100 with each shot taken. Generally a higher Q-Score translates to better players or a more advanced mental golf game.

Is there a discount for golf professionals?

Yes, THINQ Golf offers a discount rate for PGA & LPGA Golf Professionals. Inquire at

I am a golf coach. Is there a discounted rate for teams / academies?

Yes, THINQ Golf offers special discounts to golf teams and academies. Inquire at

Is there software that needs to be downloaded?

The Unity Web Player is required to play THINQ Golf games within a browser. For most computers, the user will be prompted to download Unity once they initially hit the “Play Games” button. If you are not prompted with the option to download, please visit the Unity Web Player website and follow the process to install the latest version for Windows or Mac. Please note that that the Unity Web Player is not compatible with tablet and mobile devices. Instead, be sure to download the free THINQ Golf App for Apple or Android.

I have already downloaded the Unity Web Player but am still not able to play the games.

This can happen occasionally. CLICK HERE to go through the steps of uninstalling and reinstalling.

Can I play games on my tablet or phone?

Absolutely. For tablet and mobile use, download the THINQ Golf App, available for free in the Apple and Android Store with a valid THINQ Golf login. Please note that this is the ONLY way to play THINQ Golf games on these devices. The Unity Web Player needed within a browser is not functional on tablet and mobile operating systems.

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