It is that time of year again when we are looking forward to the new year and thinking about our new year’s resolutions. Common resolutions include spending more time with family, joining a gym and losing weight. But how do we implement these goals? Where do we even start in the process of accomplishing these goals? To help with these issues, we have come up with the T.H.I.N.Q. Golf System to make sure your goals are in the best position to be attained.

T – Trackable – Make sure that your goals have the ability to be tracked. Set a date for completion of the goal and track your progress along the way to keep yourself accountable.

 H – Healthy – Focus on goals that can improve your health, either directly or indirectly. Healthy for the mind. Healthy for the body. These types of goals will always improve your way of life.

 I – Identifiable – Make your goals easily identifiable. This means specific and focused goals that bring no questions of whether or not they have been accomplished.

 N – Necessary – You have the best chance of success if you set goals that the outcome is a necessity, or at least a self-perceived necessity. You feel that you NEED to achieve this goal. Perhaps you need it to be happier or improve your life in some way. If the outcome of the goal is only perceived as a luxury, you will eventually lose interest.

 Q – Quantifiable – Make your goals quantifiable. Instead of saying, “I will not use a golf cart as much this year,” make this quantifiable by adding, “I will not use a golf cart more than 25% of my rounds this year.” This allows you to actually know if you are achieving your goals.

 The T.H.I.N.Q. Golf System can offer a blueprint for goal setting in the upcoming years. Make sure to write your goals down in your THINQ Golf Journal to keep yourself accountable. Happy New Year to all and Game Your Brain.


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