We always hear about how much pressure is involved in tournament golf. We see the casualties of that pressure every time we watch a tour event. The best players in the world never miss a shot on the driving range but somehow cannot buy a good shot when tournament time comes around. How can this be? Unless you are in that situation, you really cannot grasp what that feeling is like. Maybe you look into your past experiences in another sport to get an idea, but in the end there is nothing comparable to the pressure of a golf tournament. 

This week during the Brian Gay Invitational, The Golf Channel caught up with former Atlanta Braves pitcher and future Baseball Hall of Famer, John Smoltz, to get his take on the differences on the pressures of the two sports. Smoltz is well known for being a scratch golfer and has multiple attempts at U.S. Open qualifying. 

“For me, golf is one of those unique sports. I played in a team sport where my mistakes could be hidden and my teammates could pick me up. I was never nervous in a World Series game. I always thrived and loved the moment,” Smoltz stated. “But for golf, no matter how long you play, at some point during a round you are going to be exposed to a weakness. The best example I can give you is in a tournament you maybe have to wait 10 minutes to hit your shot so I would compare that to standing on the mound with the bases loaded with your most feared hitter at the plate, but I am forced to wait 10 minutes and think about each pitch.” Smoltz went on to say, “that is what separates golf and the mental toughness it takes. With that extra time to think I found myself thinking a lot more negatively than positively.” 

So what can a golfer do to deal with this kind of pressure? THINQ Golf has developed an extensive suite of games meant to combat this pressure that plagues us all. Our games train golfers to keep their focus of attention on what is important to them, such as the target and their shot routine, and less time on the negative thoughts associated with a pressure situation. On top of that, THINQ Golf has also recently introduced a new competition mode. Members may register and compete against other members for the opportunity to win valuable prizes. The tournament consists of 18 pressure-packed THINQ Golf holes in which the member gets a single try at each hole. 


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