ES12 Classic Launch Monitor with Annual THINQ Golf Membership

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The ES12 Classic Launch Monitor

Maximize your range sessions

The smartphone application connects directly with your ES12 device via Bluetooth, giving you the ability to track and analyze your practice sessions. Once you hit the ball, speed and distance are displayed on the LCD screen of the ES12 while the information is sent to your smartphone or tablet.


  • Log unlimited shots
  • Record club use, distance, and all speed.
  • Instant audible feedback
  • Performance data analyzer
  • Email range sessions directly from smartphone or tablet

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THINQ Golf Annual Membership

The Games
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Experience Workbook
The THINQ Golf Experience Workbook is designed to provide experiences that enhance the mind/body performance of a golfer on the golf course. Learn More

Compete in our Competitions to win valuable prizes by competing against members from across the globe. Learn More

Each of the THINQ Golf Games has a Leaderboard so competition is spread across each of the 5 skills necessary for optimal golf performance. Learn More

THINQ Golf holds monthly webinars for premium members that examine the mental skills THINQ Golf games and tools are helping to develop. Learn More

Journal/Vision Board
The THINQ Golf Journal and vision board helps focus on goals, clarify and prioritize thoughts and feelings, manage stress, and solve problems more effectively.
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