Starting and starting over are very important skills for golf and life! Some people have trouble getting up in the morning and those same people probably have trouble getting going the first 3-4 holes. Other people get somewhat board in the middle of the day or the middle holes on the course. Lastly, we either limp into the finish line at the end of the day and the final 3 holes, or we sprint in and perform our best Knowing our patterns is the first important factor and changing them is another, if we choose to change them. We set the stage for every performance in golf and life and how we set the stage in the beginning is critical for creating the end result.

An effective technique to help players start fresh is to draw a line on the score card every 3 holes. This is to remind us to start again. No matter what the past has been, make a goal for the next 3 holes and start again. Ideally we would like to start again on every shot; however, when it is going well we can connect the dots (connect the momentum) and if it is not going well we want to disconnect the dots (break the momentum). The activity in the brain can easily get stuck in old patterns that may not work for us. Especially if we add negative emotion and increased adrenaline. In times of distress we are likely to resort to old patterns to save us. This is what the system knows and is comfortable with (subconscious mind). However, we will be more successful if we break the old patterns using our conscious mind fueled by emotions. Without emotions it is very hard to make change, In fact it is impossible! In life we can separate our day into 3 sections, morning, afternoon and evening. We have the ability to start again at any time we choose. We don’t have to wait until the first 9 is over or lunch is over. We don’t have to wait until this hole or this hour is over to start again. It is a choice at any point during the day or round. In the bodymind we clear the slate and break the neuronal patterns (pathways) that are currently running. We drop in a new song, movie, goal, etc. to create what we desire. Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity. Choose sanity!

So how do we start? An important place to start is goal setting, or simply, what do you want? Goal setting channels our attention and motivates us to pursue our intentions. Conscious goals engage the subconscious to filter information and only let in goal relevant information (no overload). Motivation is our inherent desire to approach or avoid a situation based on reward or threat of the situation.

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