Synchronicity – Getting In The Zone

As defined, synchronicity is “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” In golf, we use synchronicity to describe the optimal coordination of the mind, body, club, ball, and target. When all of these elements are in coordination together, a player simply has to “see” the shot and then perform; there is no second guessing or interruption in his/her “flow,” which means the routine stays consistent.

Having a consistent pre-shot routine is critical to peak performance. In fact, if you timed an elite-level professional during a tournament round, you will find that his/her routine is usually consistent down to the second. Now, how does this relate to synchronicity? THINQ Golf’s Synchronicity game was designed to teach golfers this consistent flow. When playing it, you should feel as if your mind and body are on auto-pilot. Keeping this relaxed coordination between the mind and body before the shot allows for the same coordination to continue during the shot. Ultimately, it eliminates uncertainty and allows for a golfer to simply perform.

How to Get in the Zone

Sometimes you can just feel it when you hit a shot just right. That’s an aspect of synchronicity— when you understand everything that needs to be done and can feel the rhythm of a perfect execution.

In putting, the golfer is required to synchronize many variables at once and at a finer level: the conscious/subconscious mind, the body, the putter, the ball and the green. When all of these elements are balanced and in sync, the ball goes in the hole! The training of synchronization will help golfers to start the swing, complete the motion and the follow-through, line up everything at impact, and complete the shot. It helps the golfer get the right feel for rolling the ball into the hole.

The THINQ Golf Synchronicity Game trains this rhythm and enhances quality of feel especially among novice golfers.

What Do You THINQ?

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