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If you’re the type of golfer who struggles to get over a bad shot, has trouble staying focused on the course, deals with pressure poorly, suffers from the yips and many more common mental game issues – THINQ Golf is the solution!

THINQ Golf games were designed specifically to help with a broad range of on-course mental game challenges that all golfers face.

THINQ Golf games have been designed to train your mental game in a way that’s simple, quick and fun! They are convenient, accessible 24/7 and they work—and THINQ Golf has the scientific data to prove it.

Why THINQ Golf Games Work

Skeptical that a mobile App or video game can change your on-course performance?

Wonder if video games really improve real-life golf skills?

As strange as it sounds, the answer is yes! This concept is something which behavioral scientists have termed “Transfer of Gaming.” As defined, Transfer of Gaming is “the degree to which knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are acquired by playing a game can be used effectively in real situations.” When this “transfer” phenomenon occurs, it is often triggered by an individual’s association of real-life stimuli, such as sounds or actions, with elements from the video game itself. This association results in the subsequent alteration of mental processes, sensory perceptions, impulses/reflexes, and/or actions.

The Science Behind THINQ Golf Games

THINQ Golf Games were developed from a research base. A laboratory measure of each mental skills was used to design the THINQ Golf Games. Upon completion, each game was also research tested to determine the efficacy of the game to influence brain patterns, golf performance, or both.

Read more about the research behind THINQ Golf Games here.

5 Mental Golf Game Essential Skills

The THINQ Golf App offers a suite of 5 games for your computer, phone or tablet that are a fun, convenient and effective way to train the key mental skills that are often ignored yet are immensely important to optimum on-course performance – and ultimately shooting lower scores.

THINQ Golf Games train the essential mental golf skills of awareness, intention, attention, synchronicity, and adaptability. The order of the 5 concepts is based on making a shot. First you become aware, then you decide on an intention. You focus your attention to achieve your intention. The mind and body synchronize for the swing and lastly adapt!

AWARENESS - Taking It All In

The skill of awareness is the first key to golf performance.

Playing the Awareness Game will help the golfer to look at a target and gather adequate information; this trains a skill that allows the subconscious to sink the putt on the green! And the more a golfer is aware of the target, the more he or she will be able to succeed even with distractions.


INTENTION - Making It Happen

Defining an intention is the beginning of every shot.

Making a clear decision on every shot based on information that is valuable for the success of the shot is critical. The Intention Game was designed to teach players how to react quickly and decisively to poor, average, and great shots. Thus, allowing them to place 100% of their focus on the next shot.


ATTENTION - Details Matter

Attention is where and how we choose to focus our thoughts.

Attention is the final influence before and during motion in sport, and attention is what determines which swing comes out and how the shot flies or rolls. The Attention Game challenges all three aspects of attention – clarity of focus, sustained attention, and selective attention.


SYNCHRONICITY - Getting In The Zone

Synchronicity means happening at the same time.

In golf, synchronizing the motion of a swing from start to finish produces phenomenal results. It improves distance and accuracy and lowers scores. The Synchronicity Game trains the visual and motor systems to be in optimal coordination. Play it and you can develop split-second motor reaction time to the external world, the ball, and the target.


ADAPTABILITY - Consistently Hitting Your Best

Adaptability is the mental ability to adapt to any situation or circumstance.

In the real world, both mentally and physically, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic distractions can come out of nowhere and ruin your shot. Increasing consistency on the golf course comes from increasing adaptability on the golf course. The Adaptability Game trains the crucial ability to maintain focus while performing under pressure.


What Do You THINQ?

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