THINQ Golf Webinars

THINQ Golf Premium Members have exclusive access to hour-long monthly webinars hosted by the THINQ Golf Team. The monthly webinars take an in-depth look at the mental skills of awareness, intention, attention, synchronicity and adaptability that the THINQ Golf games and tools are training. This interactive experience allows members to receive invaluable knowledge from the golf researchers and experts on the THINQ Golf Team.


THINQ Golf webinar topics vary each month – ranging from the skill of attention, to effective practice strategies, to open forums without a scheduled topic. Take good notes in your THINQ Golf Journal and ask plenty of questions.

Do not panic if you are unable to attend, all webinars will be recorded and stored in the premium members’ area.

What Do You THINQ?

Are you ready to train all of the mental skills required for maximizing on-course golf performance? Become a THINQ Golf member and start Gaming Your Brain today!

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The THINQ Golf App can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google Play stores.


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