Experience Workbook

Do you know the strengths and weaknesses in your mental golf game? The THINQ Golf Experience Workbook can provide the answers!

The Experience Workbook aims to identify strengths and weaknesses in your mental golf game and provides detailed educational tools for improving your on-course golf performance. Included in the THINQ Golf Experience Workbook are golf-centric performance activities, such as: questions to THINQ about, lists to identify strategies, inventories to reveal personality characteristics, exercises to complete during practice, play and tournaments. Learning can only take place through experience – the THINQ Golf Experience Workbook provides that experience.


The THINQ Golf Experience Workbook is designed to enhance the mind/body performance of the golfer on the golf course. It’s divided into 5 key sections: awareness, intention, attention, synchronicity and adaptability.

The order of the 5 concepts is based on making a shot. First you become aware, then you decide on an intention. You focus your attention to achieve your intention. The mind and body synchronize for the swing and lastly adapt!

Golf is a fluid sport and your golf game changes over time. THINQ Golf premium members can explore the workbook as many times as they would like. Its recommended that members take advantage of the opportunity to reengage with the workbook – especially as the new skills are learned and applied from the THINQ Golf games and tools.

The Workbook experiences originate from the book “Golf: Energy in Motion,” written by THINQ Team Member Dr. Debbie Crews, and from her research in neuroscience data as it applies to golf. You may purchase “Golf: Energy in Motion,” in the THINQ Golf Shop.


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