THINQ Golf Journal

Some of the most successful people in history kept journals. Keeping a journal of your thoughts and ideas in it is one of the most powerful tools any successful person can do. Journals help clarify and prioritize thoughts and feelings, manage stress, and solve problems more effectively.

The real magic of a journal is that it holds things together in one place, and then something strange begins to happen. Information leads to ideas, ideas to action, and action to accomplishment. A journal is an amazing tool – recording, revising, and recommitting yourself to your goals – that becomes a log of your successes, observations, achievements, problem-solving skills, and best ideas that you can refer back to again and again.

Journaling is a fabulous golf improvement device and can have a profound impact on golfers. The THINQ Golf Journal provides just the platform to capture information from a lesson, log a practice, note a particular success on the course, keep track of scores, memories, reminders and more. The sky’s the limit with the information you add to your THINQ Golf Journal – and with the benefit you get out of it.


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